Edgewater Christian Fellowship, Grants Pass, OR

Matt & Charity Heverly


I am lead pastor of Edgewater. I began ministry as a missionary on the islands of Vanuatu living in a grass hut and hanging out with a group of men who wanted to learn about Jesus. After returning, I married Charity, had two children, Carissa and Isabella, and was invited to be on staff at Applegate Christian Fellowship. One year later Edgewater was planted in 2005. Charity and I were blessed with another daughter Gabrielle and two boys Elijah and Myron. In 2012, knowing the need to be equipped, I started a master’s degree at Western Seminary and finished in 2016. I continue to teach at Edgewater and join in her mission to Grants Pass through Safe Families and hosting foster care children.

We describe Edgewater by our four pillars. First, we gather for corporate worship where we praise and pray to Jesus, teach His commands, and meet His family. The second pillar is community groups. It is here that people are connected together, loved and love while being discipled. Thirdly, we celebrate that fact that we are kings and queens in training and no one has it better than us. We do this at bbq's, camps, river floats, home invasions and by eating good food with new friends. The last pillar is mission. Broadly our mission is for our community to know the beauty of Jesus. We believe this happens through people understanding the goodness and generosity of Jesus and then being moved to be conduits of His goodness and generosity. One of the ways we do this is through Safe Families for Children which gets upstream of foster care to prevent the tragedies that frequently occur to children. We have been able to witness miracles and the marvel of God's people in this outreach. 



Why did you join the A Jesus Church Network?

We joined the A Jesus Church Network to be connected and compelled. At times, being a non-denominational body can be like living on an island. The isolation is unhealthy for a church and there is a need to be connected and to know the greater body and work of Jesus throughout our world. Secondly, we want to run with horses (Jeremiah 12:5) and we see the A Jesus Church Network as a group of churches who are leading edge on ministry philosophy and methodologies and know we will be compelled to love and good works by this association.