Re:Hope, Glasgow, Scotland

Brian & Kellie Ingraham


In 2003, Brian and Kellie Ingraham moved from Seattle, Washington, to Glasgow, Scotland with a clear calling and passion for church planting. On January 9th, 2005, Re:Hope Next Generation Bible Church opened its doors with a small but committed group of missionaries. After a long slow start, Re:Hope has become a church with two campuses, one in Glasgow and one in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our Glasgow campus has clearly outgrown its little church building and is eagerly looking for more space to continue to grow, and thrive, and reach more people for Jesus.

Brian and Kellie Ingraham met at Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island, just outside of Seattle, and started dating in high school. They married halfway through college.  Graduates of Multnomah Bible College (now University) in Portland, and Brian of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, they had a clear call to both missions and church planting which culminated in moving to Glasgow in September 2003.  They have 3 kids, Ethan (2000), Emma (2002), and Owen (2006) who have been raised in Scotland. It is Brian and Kellie’s heart to champion Jesus’ kingdom in this post-Christian city calling the next generations back to the God once loved in this land.

We believe it is our calling to lay the foundations for the next reawakening in Scotland.  Glasgow, and the surrounding area, has a rich history of revivals and reawakenings from George Whitefield, to D. L. Moody and Billy Graham. There have been many times God has stirred large percentages of this city to, not only turn to Jesus, but to have a global impact as missionaries around the world. We believe it is our role to reach a generation which has completely rejected their spiritual heritage and to rise up a new generation. One that prays for their nation, and knows and loves the Word of God again. One that is alive in their belief that God will hear and answer their prayers. 

In years past, many faithful missionaries left Scotland to bring the gospel to the world. It is now our joy to proclaim anew the good news to their descendants. When we moved to this city in 2003, there were 168,000 university students in the greater Glasgow area. Not even 450 of them attended church. However, times are changing and there is much more openness to the gospel. God’s Spirit is stirring again in Glasgow, calling the next generation back to faith and faithfulness.



Why did you join the A Jesus Church Network?

We decided to join the A Jesus Church Network because of an undeniable resonance in both theology and heart. It surprised me just how on the same page we felt with the other network pastors and leaders. It felt like finding a family you didn’t know existed in sharing so much obvious DNA. We also have had a relationship with Tim McDonald (Westside) for decades and have now built relationships with several more leaders of the network churches. We believe more great churches are needed in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Churches who love Jesus, love the Bible and vocally believe in the active work of the Holy Spirit. I believe this brotherhood of churches and the united passion for church planting will be huge a huge encouragement for us and a huge help in seeing more great churches fill this land.