Riverbend Church, Bend, OR

Andrew & Grace Rothrock


Andrew and Grace started dating in January 2009, quickly fell in love, and were married in November the same year. They have four children: Isabel, Brielle, Hope and Judah.  Andrew and Grace share a love for Jesus, his Gospel and his Church. Andrew enjoys studying the Scriptures and shaping culture around the love of Jesus. Grace is a wise and compassionate leader. Together, they make a good team!  

Andrew and Grace also share a passion for amazing coffee, barbeque, and all that Central Oregon has to offer their family. Andrew is an amateur mountaineer, and has summited every peak in the Central Oregon Cascade Range except for Mt Jefferson (to be conquered summer 2018).

Riverbend Church was birthed out of a deep sense of need for a missional, neighborhood based expression of Jesus’ Church on Bend’s west side. Since launching as a group of friends praying together for the Kingdom in Bend as in Heaven, Riverbend has flourished into a family that is living out the way of Jesus together. 

By God’s grace, tons of prayer, and the generosity of a hundred year old church, Riverbend recently inherited one of the most iconic church buildings in Bend. As a result, Riverbend is anchored in the community, and is stepping into the Church’s ancient calling to be a redemptive witness of Jesus’ Kingdom to the city.