Brave Church, San Ramon, CA

Daren & Tracy Laws

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Daren and Tracy Laws, with their son Samuel, pioneered Brave Church in San Ramon, CA. Prior to planting Brave Church Daren and Tracy planted Heritage Church in Lincoln, CA. They pastored there for 15 years and Tracy served as the Creative Arts Director. Then they were asked to take over a church that needed to be turned around in Thousand Oaks, CA and by God’s grace saw incredible growth of over 1,500 people in a short two-year period. Despite an incredible season, their personal needs were great. It was difficult for them to be so far from family due to Tracy’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. They moved back to Northern California and Daren became the executive pastor of Bayside Church, a large multi-site church spread across the Sacramento area. This provided time to recharge emotionally and physically before answering the call to go to the Bay Area. 

Five years later God has given Brave an incredible property, building, and a community that is thriving at fulfilling it’s mission: To help people find and follow Jesus.



Samuel & Marcy Laws



Samuel and Marcy Laws help lead Brave Church in San Ramon, CA. They met at a bar a few years into the start of Brave, where Samuel invited Marcy to come on a Sunday. After several weeks of asking, she eventually came. A few months later she was following Jesus, diving into community and experiencing rapid transformation. They have now been married for almost two years and love serving God in the Bay Area. Samuel helps lead the staff as well as share the Sunday teaching responsibilities and Marcy helps lead our Brave Kids Ministry. 

Before helping plant Brave Church, Samuel and some friends planted a church in Azusa, CA while in Bible College. A few years after successfully planting, it merged with a friend’s church when he left to build a youth ministry in Thousand Oaks where his family was located at the time. After his family left, he stayed until receiving a call from his dad asking him to join in starting Brave Church. It was a difficult decision to leave a twenty minute drive to the beaches of Malibu, but one he has never regretted.