Park Hill Church, San Diego, CA

Evan & Sandy Wickham


Evan and Sandy Wickham have the privilege of leading Park Hill Church in San Diego, CA. They have been actively involved in creating music and leading corporate worship experiences together for over 15 years, and they continue to do so both in the context of their church family and abroad. They live in the Normal Heights area of San Diego with their five children. 

Park Hill Church is a community practicing the way of Jesus, together, in San Diego. Park Hill Church officially launched on Christmas Eve 2017 and continues to gather on Sundays in the downtown core of what is currently the 8th largest city in the US. Park Hill is also a church that scatters throughout the city in devoted communities. At the time of writing this short bio (March 2018), approximately 20 different Park Hill Communities have committed to launch before the summer. These Communities are the bread and butter of Park Hill Church life — intimate conversations and prayer around really good food and drink. Our shared prayer is that the kingdom of God would break into San Diego through the diversity, worship, unity, and Gospel-centered practices of Jesus that flow out of the organic web of relationships that is Park Hill Church.