About our network

These are the beliefs that unite us and commitments we've made to one another in serving Jesus together. 


Though diverse, we are unified through Jesus in...



Our churches are formed by the Scriptures and follow a historical evangelical commitment to obedience through faith.


Our churches are called to love, serve and share the gospel locally and globally and to actively participate in God’s Kingdom work of the redemption and reconciliation of all things.


Our churches are united relationally both locally and globally as a result of God’s love through which we love each other and the world.


Our churches are dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit, with a commitment to prayer, worship and the Spirits presence in both our gathering and scattering.




Our unity is maintained through commitments to....



Our churches commit to engaging their cities through coming together in Jesus centered gatherings and scattering as Spirit sent missionaries in community. In addition, where financially possible, our churches commit to setting aside a minimum of 5% for local and global involvement in works of justice/mercy and 5% to church planting and evangelism – these funds will be held by the local church and dispersed at their own direction for participation in local and global initiatives.


Our churches commit to exemplifying AJC values as is appropriate in their context, for their church size and stage. We recognize that each context is very unique and that similar values will produce different churches as they flourish within different environments. (See Values)


Our churches commit to Elder-led leadership and collaboration. Churches who are a part of the AJC Network can receive care from the Network leadership team – (a group of like-minded elders from Westside A Jesus Church and from other churches in the Network.) This group will work with existing local elders to keep theology, mission, values and leadership consistent. 



This unity benefits each church in areas of...


Community and Collaboration

Our churches benefit from having a network of churches to collaborate with around new initiatives both in local and global contexts while leveraging existing work. Our Church Planting efforts will have support from other churches when raising funds, looking for leaders and recruiting teams. As the Lord leads them, churches in the Network can help each other by providing coaching, training and support for churches in the planting process. In addition, an annual leadership gathering will be available for all churches able to attend for the purpose of encouragement, development and networking.